A Tear Rolls Down (Hearts of Humanity)

On Sept 13th, 2001, I wrote this song... after staring at the TV for days, like most everyone else in the world, watching the horrific events going down in New York. Later that afternoon I went into my studio and recorded it. Carolyn, my beautiful wife, felt the song was important and needed to get out to the world... so we decided to make a 'Flash' movie of it using photos from the internet she would gather, to match the words. After a few days of tear-filled work, we uploaded it to my website (pre Facebook or YouTube), and from there it spread around the world. I received a great many 'thank you emails' from people all over the globe, still do. For that, I am so grateful. I wrote this song to comfort myself and my family, but it certainly feels great to hear it has brought some comfort to so many others. Really, we do need to take care of each other!