Live Sound & Digital Multi-Track Recording Engineering

  When you need recording done for your next project, look to "Toad Hall Productions", a division of Wowi Zowi Productions. We offer digital multi-track recording, in house, featuring great mics and great technique. With well over 25 years experience as a recording engineer, live sound engineer, and backed by being a player even longer than that, the proof is in the pudding. Roby has worked in many studios over the years and spent 10 years doing 'Front of House' sound engineering for the Coach House Concert Hall in south Orange County so he definitely has learned a thing or two. Along with his vast knowledge of music in general, it has often been noted that he has the 'ears of an elephant'. So, when you need any recording done for your next CD, Demo, or commercial project, send us an E-mail and we will hook you up.

  When your band is playing out and you want "CD Quality" sound at the venue, Roby has worked with the best in the biz for many years. He is able to creatively and professionally dial you in to sound better than your best ever, in any club with a professional sound rig. Once again, send us an E-mail and we will hook you up.

See a list of Bands Roby has mixed FOH for: click here

  The MP3's below are a few samples of work he's produced in his "Toad Hall" studio in San Clemente.

People Get Ready
Danny Donnelly
Cold Shot
Cook Book
Jury's Still Out on You
Being Judged
Sherman Fowler
Fairweather Friends
Sherman Fowler
Without You
Teri Marie LaPorte
I Can't Make You Love Me
Debbie Donnelly
When You Wish Upon A Star
Debbie Donnelly
The Mangroves
Roby LaPorte
"Toad Hall Productions" recordings,
engineered, mixed, mastered and produced by Roby LaPorte

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