Songwriting is all I ever wanted to do. From the moment I got my first guitar, my passion was to make stuff up rather than learn the songs I heard on the radio. Here are some tunes I have written for the Internet and also a dedication to the September 11th tragedy in song form and also a flash movie. I hope you enjoy my music, cuz I wrote it just for you. Thanx for stopping by and please, take care of each other and yourself. Peace!

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Original Music               
Music written for the Internet
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A Tear Rolls Down
All songs written, performed
and engineered by
Roby LaPorte
© 1997-2010 - all rights
Come Monday HideSonic follow my heart
By popular demand, the
"Hearts of Humanity"

'A Tear Rolls Down'

dedication to the 9-11 tragedy
is back, click here

     For the longest time I have been wanting to record the one song that had the biggest influence on what I would end up doing with my life. As a child, my parents and their friends would make all us kids put on these talent shows and as a seven year old, I used to strum a tennis racket and lip-sync this song.

     A special thank you goes out to the Nelson Family, who, in my opinion, are responsible for bringing 'Rock n' Roll' to the American living room.

This one's for Ricky and Ozzie...
"Travelin' Man"

A good friend requested his favrite Ricky song so...
Poor Little Fool

Gratitude - Live at the Coach House

Check out Gratitude
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The girls used to say I looked like Ricky Nelson, what do you think..

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